About Sherah

Sherah is a Certified Medical Micropigmentologist and has been doing permanent makeup and para-medical tattooing for over fifteen years. She only performs procedures in the safety and comfort of a doctor’s office.

Sherah is by trade an artist but is also a perfectionist. She will take the time to discuss exactly what you are wanting from your permanent makeup experience. She has a great eye for detail, and is happy to draw on a shape that is perfect for your eye, lip, or eyebrow shape. She does not use stencils, so your shape will be custom drawn specifically for you. She allows you to work with her and be a part of the entire shape and color selection process, ensuring you are at ease with your procedure and love your results without any surprises!

Sherah is a Master technician and has traveled both locally and internationally to train with some of the world's finest Master Instructors. She is Master certified in 3D Eyebrows, 3D Areola, Full lip color, and Eyeliner. Sherah has received her certification as a Medical Micropigmentologist and has been certified in both Beginning and Advanced Cosmetic procedures and Advance Machines. She is a member of the Permanent Makeup Society.

Why Sherah

When selecting a technician or artist, it is extremely important to look at the technician’s education, actual before and after pictures of technicians work, and find out more about the facility where your procedure will be performed.

A few good questions to ask yourself are...

1. Will the procedure be performed in a clean, medical environment?

2. Will there be a doctor available to answer any medical questions or issues that could arise? For example: Are medications you are currently taking or medical conditions safe for you to have procedure performed?

3. Can you receive a prescription if needed to prevent fever blisters, or eye drops, etc.? If the answer is no, it is because the technician is not performing in a doctor’s office. This is something to consider for better healing and an overall more enjoyable experience.

4. Will the topical treatment being used be prescription strength? Or only over the counter strength? If technician is not in a doctor’s office, a non-prescription topical is only up to 6% in strength. Prescription strength topicals are up to 22% in strength, resulting in a much more comfortable experience.

5. Has the technician been formally trained? Or have they only attended a one week training class? Yes, some technicians have only been trained for one week or even less...very scary! The State of Texas does not require ANY training to receive a tattoo license. So please, be extremely cautious when selecting a technician and don’t be afraid to ask these important questions.

Sherah invites you to give her a call to dicuss any concerns or questions you may have.
Thank you so much for your interest in Permanent Make up!

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