Pretty and Post Care Instructions

Apply Aqua Phor or Vaseline 5 times a day for 3 days using a q-tip.....not your finger please. Skipping this will allow the area to dry out ,and your final results will be splotchy and require a touch up.

No Sun or Tanning 1 week prior to procedure, and 2 weeks after tour procedure. Longterm.....You will need to use sunscreen to help reduce premature fading.

Avoid Excercising for 3 days following your procedure.

Be Prepared.. ..your treated area will look darker than it is going to heal. Healed results are 40 % Lighter than first day of treatment.

DO NOT RUB, PICK OR SCRATCH at the procedure area.

only use blood thinners the week before your procedure if they are medically necessay.

No makeup, cleansers or creams on procedure area for one week following procedure. You may wash around the areas. may wear make up on any areas that were not treated.

Do not wax or tint eyebrow 3 days before or 2 weeks after your procedure.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine 3 days prior to procedure.

NO swimming pools ,hot tubs, beach, ocean etc for 1 week following your procedure. Your treated area must be completely healed before resuming these types of activities to avoid infection.

If you have ever had a fever blister and you are wanting to have your lips tattooed......please let us know so that our Dr can begin getting you a priscrption for an anti viral to help prevent them.

Touch ups may be needed. There is a fee for touch ups.....they are not included in your initial cost. If you do require a touch must wait 30 to 45 days depending on the area.

If you have any additional questions.....we are happy to answer them for you.
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