3D Eyebrows

3D Eyebrows, also commonly known as Microblading, is a semi permanent cosmetic tattoo that resembles hair. This is a very soft and natural looking eyebrow, and is very difficult to distinguish between your existing hairs and the new simulated hairs. You no longer have to be embarrassed of thin, over plucked brows......even better......you do not have to draw or pencil them on everyday. You wake up each morning with beautiful eyebrows.

Before we begin the procedure, we will allow you to help with the color selection and also play a part in the shaping of your eyebrow. We will not begin until you have had plenty of time to approve your shape. Here at Ink Boutique, we always select a color that is a little on the conservative side, then as we continue to work, we can slowly darken the color until you say stop. Some like their brows very subtile, while others love a little extra pop of color. Whatever your comfort level is.....you will love watching your transformation.

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